Black Angus Happy Hour

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Unwind & Save!

Black Angus Happy Hour offers discounted prices on drinks and appetizers. It typically runs on weekdays from 3 PM to 7 PM.

Happy hour at Black Angus is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to enjoy great deals on a variety of menu items. Whether you’re winding down from a day at work or meeting up with friends, this steakhouse provides an inviting atmosphere with substantial discounts.

The menu during happy hour includes a range of appetizers, from crispy fried garlic-pepper zucchini to buffalo chicken wings, all served at prices that won’t break the bank. Drinks specials also feature prominently, with options like draft beers, cocktails, and wines available at reduced rates. This makes Black Angus an ideal spot for both casual diners and budget-conscious foodies.

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Unwind & Save!

Introduction To Black Angus Happy Hour

Black Angus Happy Hour beckons with its irresistible deals. Known for its premium steaks, Black Angus Steakhouse offers more than just a meal. It’s an experience that combines fine dining with the casual, laid-back ambiance of happy hour. Guests can enjoy discounted prices on drinks and appetizers, making it the perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

The concept is simple: quality food and drinks at reduced prices during specific hours. This tradition has become a favored time for friends to gather, celebrate, and indulge in good company. With its inviting atmosphere and commitment to excellence, Black Angus sets the stage for an evening that is both enjoyable and affordable.

Tantalizing Deals During Happy Hour

Black Angus sets the stage for an enticing happy hour experience. Guests can indulge in a variety of food specials. Savor the flavors of discounted appetizers like crispy zucchini and loaded potato skins. Each dish is carefully crafted to offer a burst of taste that pairs perfectly with a refreshing beverage.

Drink Price
Classic Margarita $5
Draft Beers $4
House Wines $4

Enjoy signature cocktails and premium spirits at reduced prices. The discounted drink selections are perfect for unwinding after a long day. Gather with friends and raise a glass to good times and great deals at Black Angus.

The Atmosphere And Experience

The Black Angus Steakhouse sets a mood of relaxed comfort. Guests are welcomed by warm lighting and classic decor. Each table offers an intimate setting, making it perfect for both family dinners and romantic evenings. The seating is designed to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

Customer service shines at Black Angus. Staff members greet patrons with genuine smiles. They are known for their attention to detail and prompt service. The team ensures that every guest’s experience is top-notch. They work hard to make sure that you leave happy.

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Unwind & Save!

Menu Highlights

Delight your palate with Black Angus Happy Hour specials. Appetizers that you can’t miss include Crispy Fried Garlic-Pepper Zucchini, a crowd-pleaser, and the Loaded Potato Skins, packed with melted cheese and bacon.

For those who enjoy a drink, the Happy Hour boasts signature cocktails like the Classic Mojito or a refreshing Moscow Mule. Beer lovers will appreciate the selection of craft and domestic beers available at a discounted price.

Appetizer Price
Garlic-Pepper Zucchini $6.50
Potato Skins $5.00
Drink Price
Classic Mojito $4.00
Moscow Mule $4.00
Craft Beer $3.00

Timing The Happy Hour Right

Black Angus offers different happy hour times on weekdays and weekends. During weekdays, happy hour starts from 3 PM to 7 PM. On weekends, it begins a bit later, from 4 PM to 9 PM. Arriving early ensures you get a good spot. The best time to arrive is around 15 minutes before happy hour starts. This way, you can choose the best seats without rushing.

The Social Scene

Black Angus Happy Hour is the perfect spot for meeting new people. The lively atmosphere invites lively chats and new friendships. Enjoy delicious drinks and appetizers at reduced prices. It’s ideal for group gatherings and celebrations. Whether it’s a birthday, promotion, or just because, everyone has fun. Gather your friends or meet new ones here!

Savings Breakdown

To enjoy Black Angus Happy Hour, comparing regular prices is key. Patrons save significantly during these hours. Drinks and appetizers often see the biggest discounts. For example, a regular-priced beer might cost $6, but during happy hour, it’s only $4. This is a 33% saving. Similarly, appetizers might drop from $11 to $7, offering a 36% reduction. These savings quickly add up, making happy hour the best time to indulge. Smart customers plan their visits around these times. They enjoy the same great tastes at a fraction of the cost.

Happy hour deals vary by location, but the pattern of savings is consistent. Guests should check the local Black Angus for specific deals. Not all menu items may be included, so selecting wisely maximizes savings. A table of regular and happy hour prices provides a clear comparison. Visitors who align their schedules with happy hour benefit the most. They savor delicious steaks and drinks without straining their wallets.

Location-specific Deals

Black Angus steakhouses offer unique deals across various locations. Happy hour specials can differ greatly, so checking local offerings is key. For the best experience, compare the happy hour menus from different Black Angus locations. Some regions might have exclusive appetizers or discounted drinks not found elsewhere.

Patrons should explore area-specific promotions to enjoy savings. This could mean slashed prices on local favorites or unique drink pairings. It’s wise to review the happy hour times as they may vary. Guests are encouraged to visit the Black Angus website or call ahead to uncover the best deals.

Tips For Enjoying Happy Hour

Reserving your spot for Black Angus Happy Hour ensures a stress-free experience. Call ahead or use an online reservation system to book your table. Early booking often means better seating options and no waiting time. Remember, popular spots fill up quickly, especially on weekends.

Pairing food and drinks can elevate your Happy Hour. Opt for complementary flavors to enhance the taste. For instance, bold red wines pair well with hearty steaks, while light beers complement spicy appetizers. Check the menu for special deals on combos during Happy Hour. Don’t be afraid to ask staff for recommendations; they know the best pairings!

Black Angus Happy Hour Specials: Unwind & Save!

Loyalty Rewards And Special Promotions

Black Angus sets the bar high with its Loyalty Program. Guests receive exclusive benefits and special promotions just for signing up. The program is a treasure trove of deals that complement the already famous Happy Hour specials.

Members can indulge in seasonal offers that elevate the dining experience. These limited-time promotions are designed to surprise and delight. They often include discounted appetizers, beverage deals, and unique entrees. Keep an eye on your inbox; these exclusive offers get sent directly to loyalty members.

Offer Type Benefits
Loyalty Sign-Up Instant access to rewards and specials
Seasonal Promotions Enjoy new flavors and unique dishes
Limited-Time Offers Savings on drinks and appetizers

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Black Angus Give A Military Discount?

Yes, Black Angus offers a military discount to active and retired military personnel with valid ID.

What Is The Best Steak From Black Angus?

The Ribeye is widely considered the best steak cut from Black Angus, known for its rich marbling and robust flavor.

Does Black Angus Have Alcoholic Drinks?

Yes, Black Angus offers a selection of alcoholic beverages, including beers, wines, and cocktails.

Where Did Black Angus Restaurant Originate?

Black Angus Steakhouse originated in Los Angeles, California, in 1964.


Wrapping up, Black Angus Steakhouse offers an unbeatable Happy Hour experience. From mouth-watering eats to refreshing drinks, all at wallet-friendly prices, it’s a perfect spot to unwind. Don’t miss out on this stellar combination of ambiance, flavor, and value. Join the fun and make your next happy hour a Black Angus affair!


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